Nouns represent people or things. You’ll need them whenever you want to refer to somebody or something. Memorize the Vietnamese nouns below and you’ll be well equipped for almost every basic conversation.

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Basic Words & Phrases: Nouns

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Important nouns

childtrẻ em
manđàn ông
womanđàn bà
familygia đình
town / citythành phố
countryđất nước
worldthế giới
carxe hơi
street / roadđường
shopcửa hàng
windowcửa sổ
penviết mực
baggiỏ xách
rucksackba lô
happinessniềm vui
lovetình yêu
balltrái banh
workcông việc
vacationkì nghỉ
passporthộ chiếu
languagengôn ngữ
questioncâu hỏi
answertrả lời
beginning / startbắt đầu
endkết thúc

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