Nouns represent people or things. You’ll need them whenever you want to refer to somebody or something. Memorize the German nouns below and you’ll be well equipped for almost every basic conversation.

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Basic Words & Phrases: Nouns

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Important nouns

child [Sg](das) Kind
children [Pl](die) Kinder
man [Sg](der) Mann
men [Pl](die) Männer
woman [Sg](die) Frau
women [Pl](die) Frauen
family [Sg](die) Familie
families [Pl](die) Familien
town / city [Sg](die) Stadt
towns / cities [Pl](die) Städte
country [Sg](das) Land
countries [Pl](die) Länder
world [Sg](die) Welt
worlds [Pl](die) Welten
house [Sg](das) Haus
houses [Pl](die) Häuser
car [Sg](das) Auto
cars [Pl](die) Autos
street / road [Sg](die) Straße
streets / roads [Pl](die) Straßen
shop [Sg](das) Geschäft
(der) Laden

shops [Pl](die) Geschäfte
(die) Läden

door [Sg](die) Tür
doors [Pl](die) Türen
table [Sg](der) Tisch
tables [Pl](die) Tische
chair [Sg](der) Stuhl
chairs [Pl](die) Stühle
window [Sg](das) Fenster
windows [Pl](die) Fenster
newspaper [Sg](die) Zeitung
newspapers [Pl](die) Zeitungen
book [Sg](das) Buch
books [Pl](die) Bücher
pen [Sg](der) Kugelschreiber
pens [Pl](die) Kugelschreiber
bag [Sg](die) Tasche
bags [Pl](die) Taschen
rucksack [Sg](der) Rucksack
rucksacks [Pl](die) Rucksäcke
happiness(die) Freude
love(die) Liebe
flower [Sg](die) Blume
flowers [Pl](die) Blumen
ball [Sg](der) Ball
balls [Pl](die) Bälle
work [Sg](die) Arbeit
works [Pl](die) Arbeiten
vacation [Sg](der) Urlaub
vacations [Pl](die) Urlaube
passport [Sg](der) Pass
(der) Ausweis

passports [Pl](die) Pässe
(die) Ausweise

language [Sg](die) Sprache
languages [Pl](die) Sprachen
question [Sg](die) Frage
questions [Pl](die) Fragen
answer [Sg](die) Antwort
answers [Pl](die) Antworten
beginning / start [Sg](der) Anfang
beginnings / starts [Pl](die) Anfänge
end [Sg](das) Ende
ends [Pl](die) Enden

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