Numbers are a great place to begin your journey into the Korean language. Start by learning the numbers from 1 to 10, then 11 to 20, 21 to 100 and so on. Pay attention to the recurring patterns that will help you form any number above one hundred easily!

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Basic Words & Phrases: Numbers

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Korean in 3 minutes: Digits from 1 to 10

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Korean in 3 minutes: Digits from 11 to 100

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Numbers from 0 to 10

1one하나 / 일Hana / il
2two둘 / 이Dool / yi
3three셋 / 삼Saet / sam
4four넷 / 사Net / sa
5five다섯 / 오Da seot / oh
6six여섯 / 육Yu sut / yook
7seven일곱 / 칠Il gop / chil
8eight여덟 / 팔Yeo derp / pal
9nine아홉 / 구A hop / gu
10ten열 / 십Yul / ship

Numbers from 11 to 100

11eleven열하나 / 십일Yeol ha na / ship il
12twelve열둘 / 십이Yul dool / ship yi
13thirteen열셋 / 십삼Yul saet / ship sam
14fourteen십사Ship sa
15fifteen열다섯 / 십오Yeol da seot / ship oh
16sixteen십육Ship yook
17seventeen십칠Ship chil
18eighteen열여덟 / 십팔Yul yeo derp / shi pal
19nineteen십구Ship gu
20twenty스물 / 이십Seu meul / yi ship
21twenty-one스물하나 / 이십일Seu meul hana / yi ship il
30thirty삼십Sam ship
40fourty사십Sa ship
50fifty오십Oh ship
60sixty육십Yook ship
70seventy칠십Chil ship
90ninety구십Gu ship
100one hundredBaek

Numbers from 101 to 1,000,000

101one hundred and one백하나 / 백일Baek hana / baek il
200two hundred이백Yi baek
300three hundred삼백Sam baek
400four hundred사백Sa baek
500five hundred오백Oh baek
600six hundred육백Yook baek
700seven hundred칠백Chil baek
800eight hundred팔백Pal baek
900nine hundred구백Gu baek
1000one thousandChun
2000two thousand이천Yi chun
3000three thousand삼천Sam chun
5000five thousand오천Oh cheon
100000one hundred thousand십만Ship man
1000000one million백만Baek man
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Special video: Counting from 1-10 in Korean (Chinese-based numbers)

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