Alright, now it’s time to learn some vocabulary related to date and time. This lesson will teach you how the days of the week, months, seasons and times of day are called in Korean.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Korean“.

Date & time in Korean

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Days of the week

Monday월요일wol yo il
Tuesday화요일hwa yo il
Wednesday수요일su yo il
Thursday목요일mog yo il
Friday금요일geum yo il
Saturday토요일to yo il
Sunday일요일il yo il
Weekend주말ju yo il
on Monday월요일에wol yo il eh
on Tuesday화요일에hwa yo il eh
on Wednesday수요일에su yo il eh
on Thursday목요일에mog yo il eh
on Friday금요일에geum yo il eh
on Saturday토요일에to yo il eh
on Sunday일요일에il yo il eh
at the weekend주말에ju yo il eh
on Mondays월요일마다wol yo il ma da
on Tuesdays화요일마다hwa yo il ma da
on Wednesdays수요일마다su yo il ma da
on Thursdays목요일마다mog yo il ma da
on Fridays금요일마다geum yo il ma da
on Saturdays토요일마다to yo il ma da
on Sundays일요일마다il yo il ma da
at Weekends주말마다ju yo il ma da


January일월il wol
February이월ee wol
March삼월sam wol
April사월sa wol
May오월o wol
June유월yu wol
July칠월chil wol
August팔월pal wol
September구월gu wol
October시월si wol
November십일월sib il wol
December십이월sib ee wol


Summer여름yeo leum
Autumn / Fall가을gae ul
Winter겨울gye oul

Times of Day

morning아침ah chim
forenoon오전o jeon
noon정오jeong o
afternoon오후o hu
evening저녁jeo nyeog
midnight자정ja jeong

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