Now you know how to talk about date and time in Korean, let’s continue with some more special occasions, holidays and how to wish people well in Korean.

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Holidays & Good wishes in Korean

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Good wishes

All the best!모두 잘되길 빕니다!modu jal doe gil bib ni da!
Congratulations!축하해요!chuk ha hae yo!
Good luck!행운을 빕니다!haeng un eul bib ni da!
Happy birthday!생일 축하해요!saeng il chuk ha hae yo!
Merry Christmas!메리 크리스마스!Merry Christmas!
Happy Easter!부활절 축복받으세요!bu hwal jeol chuk bok bat eu se yo!
Happy New Year!새해 복 많이 받으세요!sae hae bok man hi bat eu se yo!
with all my heart / wholehearted온 마음을 다해서
on ma eum eul da hae seo
jin shim eu ro

Holidays & festive occasions

birthday생일saeng il
Christmas성탄절seong tan jeol
Yule성탄절seong tan jeol
Christmas Eve크리스마스이브Christmas Eve
Easter부활절bu hwal jeol
Easter holidays부활절 휴일bu hwal jeol hyu il
Pentecost / Whitsun오순절o sun jeol
New Year’s Eve새해 전날sae hae jeon nal
New Year새해sae hae
wedding결혼gyeol hon
name day이름 날ee leum nal
Valentine’s Day발렌타인데이Valentine’s Day
anniversary기념일gi nyeom il


(to) invite초대를cho dae leul
(to) wish소원을so won eul
(to) make a gift선물을 만들러sun mul eul man deul lur
(to) get가지러ga ji lur

Vocabulary & Phrases

party [Sg]잔치jan chi
parties [Pl]잔치들jan chi deul
birthday party생일 잔치saeng il jan chi
invitation [Sg]초대장cho dae jang
invitations [Pl]초대장들cho dae jang deul
I invite you to the party!잔치에 초대합니다!jan chi ae cho dae hap ni da!
wish [Sg]소원so won
wishes [Pl]소원들so won deul
What would you like? / What do you want?뭐가 좋으시겠어요?
원시는 게 뭐에요?
mwoga jo uu shi get ur yo?
won ha shi nun gae mur ae yo?

surprise [Sg]n/aggam jjack
surprises [Pl]N/AN/A
present / gift [Sg]선물sun mul
presents / gifts [Pl]선물들sun mul deul

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All the best!
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