Our final vocabulary lesson is all about travelling and vacations. Learn these Korean words and you’ll be well prepared on your next journey abroad.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Korean“.

Travelling & Leisure time in Korean

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Travelling & Leisure time

(to) travel여행하다yeo hang ha da
journey / trip [Sg]여행yeo hang
journeys / trips [Pl]여행들yeo hang eul
Bon voyage! / Have a good trip!좋은 여행 하세요!jo eun yur hang ha sae yo!
vacation휴가hyu ga
holiday [Sg]휴일hyu il
holidays [Pl]휴일들hyu il deul
suitcase [Sg]여행 가방yeo hang ga bang
suitcases [Pl]여행 가방들yeo hang ga bang deul
(to) pack bags짐들을 싸jim deul eul ssa
rucksack [Sg]배낭 가방bae nang ga bang
rucksacks [Pl]배낭 가방들bae nang ga bang deul
guide book안내 책자an nae check ja
passport [Sg]여권yeo gwon
passports [Pl]여권들yeo gwon deul
border [Sg]경계선gyoung gae sun
borders [Pl]경계선들gyoung gae sun deul
hotel [Sg]호텔hotel
hotels [Pl]호텔들hotel deul
(to) reserve / (to) book예약하러yae yak ha lur
reservation [Sg]예약yae yak
reservations [Pl]예약들yae yak deul
tourist [Sg]관광객gwan gwang gek
tourists [Pl]관광객들gwan gwang gek deul
tourist information관광 정보gwan gwang jung bo
map / plan [Sg]지도
ji do
sul gae do

maps / plan [Pl]지도들
ji do deul
sul gae do deul

city map / town map도시지도
do shi ji do
ma wul ji do

trip / excursion [Sg]여행
yeo hang
so poong

trips / excursions [Pl]예행들
yeo hang deul
so poong deul

tent [Sg]텐트tent
tents [Pl]텐트들tent deul
camping site캠핑 장camping jang
(to) tent / (to) camp캠프하러tent ro
camp ha lur
(to) bathe / (to) go swimming목욕하러
mok yok ya lur
su young ha lur

beach [Sg]바닷가ba dat ga
beaches [Pl]바닷가들ba dat ga deul
plane비행기bi hang gi
(to) fly (e.g. by plane)날아가nal ah ga
airport공항gong hang
port / harbour항구hang gu

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