Talking about your friends and relatives is much more fun than just talking about yourself. So, let’s learn some useful words & phrases that will help you talk to others about the people you love most.

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Family & Friends in Korean

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Family & Relatives

friendship우정wu jung
family [Sg]가족ga jok
families [Pl]가족들ga jok deul
parents부모님bu mo nim
father [Sg]아버지ah bur ji
fathers [Pl]아버지들ah bur ji deul
dad [Sg]아빠ah pa
dads [Pl]아빠들ah pa deul
daddy [Sg]아빠ah pa
daddies [Pl]아빠들ah pa deul
mother [Sg]어머니uh mur ni
mothers [Pl]어머니들uh mur ni deul
mom [Sg]엄마um ma
moms [Pl]엄마들um ma deul
mommy [Sg]엄마um ma
mommies [Pl]엄마들um ma deul
siblings / brothers and sisters형제자매
hyung jae ja mae
o ppa
dong saeng

nu na
un ni
dong saeng

child [Sg]어린이uh rin ee
children [Pl]어린이들uh rin ee deul
son [Sg]아들ah deul
sons [Pl]아들들ah deul deul
daughter [Sg]ddal
daughters [Pl]딸들ddal deul
grandparents조부모jo bu mo
grandfather [Sg]할아버지hal ah bur ji
grandfathers [Pl]할아버지들hal ah bur ji deul
grandpa [Sg]할아버지hal ah bur ji
grandpas [Pl]할아버지들hal ah bur ji deul
grandmother [Sg]할머니hal mur ni
grandmothers [Pl]할머니들hal mur ni deul
grandma [Sg]할머니hal mur ni
grandmas [Pl]할머니들hal mur ni deul
grandchild [Sg]손자soon ja
grandchildren [Pl]손자들soon ja deul
uncle [Sg]삼촌sam chon
uncles [Pl]삼촌들sam chon deul
aunt [Sg]이모ee moo
aunts [Pl]이모들ee moo deul
cousin [Sg]사촌sa chon
cousins [Pl]사촌들sa chon deul

Love & Friendship

love사랑sa rang
(to) love사랑sa rang
I love you사랑합니다sa rang haap ni da
I love you very much아주 많이 사랑합니다ah ju ma ni sa rang haap ni da
boyfriend남자 친구nam ja chin gu
girlfriend여자 친구yuo ja chin gu
Do you want to marry me?저와 결혼하고 싶으세요?jur wa gyol hon ha go ship uu sae yo?
husband [Sg]남편nam pyon
husbands [Pl]남편들nam pyon deul
wife [Sg]아내ah nae
wives [Pl]아내들ah nae deul
married결혼gyol hon
married결혼gyol hon
friendship우정wu jung

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