Adjectives describe people or things. You’ll need them whenever you want to describe what something or somebody is like. The car is old, the hotel is cheap. You get it. Memorize the Korean adjectives below and you’ll be well equipped for most basic conversations.

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Basic Words & Phrases: Adjectives

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Important adjectives

good좋은Joh eun
bad나쁜Na bbuen
new새로운Sae ro eun
old늙은 / 오래된Neulgeun / Oredwen
small작은Jag eun
large / bigKuen
expensive비싼Bi ssan
light / clear밝은Balgeun
dark어두운Uh doo oon
early이른Yi run
interesting흥미로운Heung mi ro eun
boring지루한Jee ru han
tired피곤한Pi gon han
easy / simple간단한Gan dan han
for free공짜 / 무료Gong cha / moo ryeo
right / correct옳은Olh eun
wrong잘못된Jal mot dwen
strong강한Gang han
weak약한Yak han
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