We’ll now learn talking about parts of the human body as well as some useful Hindi words and phrases related to Health and Illnesses. Let’s hope you’ll never need them, but better be prepared than sorry as they say…

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Body & Health in Hindi

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The Body

body [Sg]तनtan
bodies [Pl]तनtan
head [Sg]सिरsir
heads [Pl]सिरsir
face [Sg]चेहराcheharaa
faces [Pl]चेहरेchehre
eye [Sg]आंखaankh
eyes [Pl]आँखेंankhein
ear [Sg]कानkaan
ears [Pl]कानkaan
nose [Sg]नाकnaak
noses [Pl]नाकnaak
mouth [Sg]मुंहmunh
mouths [Pl]मुंहmunh
tongue [Sg]जुबानjubaan
tongues [Pl]जुबानjubaan
neck [Sg]गरदनgardan
necks [Pl]गरदनेंgardanein
chest [Sg]छातीchhaatee
chests [Pl]छातियाँchhatiyan
back / shoulderपीठ

stomach [Sg]पेटpet
stomachs [Pl]पेटpet
heart [Sg]दिलdil
hearts [Pl]दिलdil
arm [Sg]बांहbaanh
arms [Pl]बाँहेंbaanhein
elbow [Sg]कोहनीkohnee
elbows [Pl]कोहनियाँkohniyan
hand [Sg]हाथhaath
hands [Pl]हाथhaath
right handदायाँ हाथdaayaan haath
left handबायां हाथbaayaan haath
finger [Sg]उंगलीungalee
fingers [Pl]उँगलियाँungliyan
leg [Sg]टांगtaang
legs [Pl]टांगेंtaangein
foot [Sg]पैरpair
feet [Pl]पैरpair
tooth [Sg]दांतdaant
teeth [Pl]दांतdaant

Health & Illnesses

ill / sickबीमारbeemaar
ache [Sg]दर्दdard
aches [Pl]दर्दdard
My [...] aches. / My [...] hurts.मेरी […] दर्द
मेरी […] दर्द होता है।
meree […] dard
meree […] dard hotaa hai

My [...] ache. / My [...] hurt.मेरी […] दर्द
मेरी […] चोट लगी है।
meree […] dard
meree […] chot lagee hai

I have a stomach ache.मुझे पेट दर्द है।mujhe pet dard hain
My legs hurt.मेरे पांव दुखते हैं।mere paanv dukhate hai
medical office / doctor’s surgeryचिकित्सा कार्यालय
डॉक्टर की सर्जरी
chikitsaa kaaryaalay
daoktar kee sarjaree

chemist’s / drugstoreकेमिस्ट की
दवा की दुकान
kemist kee
davaa kee dukaan

illness / maladyबीमारी

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