Learn Indian (Hindi) by watching our Top 10 recommended videos from around the web for learning the Indian (Hindi) language.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Indian (Hindi)“.

Language learning videos

2. How to speak Hindi


A robust video series with 161 videos! Ani Mahato is an expert language teacher, and this series is his masterpiece. Interactive, fun, easy to follow!


3. How to Write & Speak Hindi Consonant Alphabets Letters – Ka, Kha, Ga, Gha

A short video teaching the essentials of the intricate Hindi writing system.

Created by www.skyingblogger.com

4. Learn Hindi Grammar


An advanced Hindi course, showcasing the complex grammar of the language.

Created by SuccessCDs


5. Know about India – Is Hindi our national language?

A short, well made video telling the story of India’s most important language, Hindi.

6. Learn Hindi with Video


A great course for anyone interestedin Hindi. Great to imporve vocabulary and basic grammar.

Created by Hindipod101.com


8. Learn Hindi Vocabulary with Pictures


Vocabulary videos with telling pictures. Includes the essential words that we use in everyday life.

Created by Hindipod101.com


9. Learn Hindi with Pictures and Video


A great sereis, especially strong on verbs and words pairs.

Created by Hindipod101.com


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