Our final vocabulary lesson is all about travelling and vacations. Learn these Romanian words and you’ll be well prepared on your next journey abroad.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Romanian“.

Travelling & Leisure time in Romanian

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Travelling & Leisure time

(to) travela călători
journey / trip [Sg]călătorie

journeys / trips [Pl]călătorii

Bon voyage! / Have a good trip!Drum bun!
Călătorie plăcută!

vacation [Sg]vacanță
vacations [Pl]vacanțe
holiday [Sg]concediu
holidays [Pl]concedii
suitcase [Sg]valiză
suitcases [Pl]valize
(to) pack bagsa face bagajul
rucksack [Sg]rucksack
rucksacks [Pl]rucksack-uri
baggage [Sg]bagaje
baggage [Pl]bagaje
guide book [Sg]ghid de călătorie
guide books [Pl]ghiduri
passport [Sg]pașaport
passports [Pl]pașapoarte
border [Sg]graniță
borders [Pl]granițe
hotel [Sg]hotel
hotels [Pl]hoteluri
(to) reserve / (to) booka rezerva
reservation [Sg]rezervare
reservations [Pl]rezervări
tourist [Sg]turist (m), turistă (f)
tourists [Pl]turiști
tourist information [Sg]informații turistice
tourist information [Pl]informații turistice
map / plan [Sg]hartă
maps / plan [Pl]hărți
city map / town map [Sg]harta orașului
city maps / town maps [Pl]hărți ale orașului
trip / excursion [Sg]excursie
trips / excursions [Pl]excursii
tent [Sg]cort
tents [Pl]corturi
camping site [Sg]camping
camping sites [Pl]camping-uri
(to) tent / (to) campa campa
(to) bathe / (to) go swimminga face baie
a înota

beach [Sg]plajă
beaches [Pl]plaje
plane [Sg]avion
planes [Pl]avione
(to) fly (e.g. by plane)a zbura
airport [Sg]aeroport
airports [Pl]aeroporturi
ship [Sg]navă
ships [Pl]nave
port / harbour [Sg]port
ports / harbours [Pl]porturi

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