We’ll now learn talking about parts of the human body as well as some useful Persian (Farsi) words and phrases related to Health and Illnesses. Let’s hope you’ll never need them, but better be prepared than sorry as they say…

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Body & Health in Persian (Farsi)

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The Body

EnglishPersian (Farsi)Persian (Farsi)
body [Sg]بدنbadan
bodies [Pl]بدن هاbadan ha
head [Sg]سرsar
heads [Pl]سر هاsarha
face [Sg]صورتsurat
faces [Pl]صورت هاsurat ha
eye [Sg]چشمcheshm
eyes [Pl]چشم هاcheshm ha
ear [Sg]گوشgush
ears [Pl]گوش هاgush ha
nose [Sg]دماغdamagh
noses [Pl]دماغ هاdamagh ha
mouth [Sg]دهانdahan
mouths [Pl]دهان هاdahan ha
tongue [Sg]زبانzaban
tongues [Pl]زبان هاzabanha
neck [Sg]گردنgardan
necks [Pl]گردن هاgardan ha
chest [Sg]سینهsine
chests [Pl]سینه هاsine ha
back / shoulderپشت
stomach [Sg]شکمshekam
stomachs [Pl]شکم هاshekam ha
heart [Sg]قلبghalb
hearts [Pl]قلب هاghalb ha
arm [Sg]بازوbazu
arms [Pl]بازوهاbazu ha
elbow [Sg]آرنجaranj
elbows [Pl]آرنج هاaranj ha
hand [Sg]دستdast
hands [Pl]دست هاdastha
right handراست دستrast dast
left handچپ دستchap dast
finger [Sg]انگشتangosht
fingers [Pl]انگشت هاangosht ha
leg [Sg]پاpa
legs [Pl]پاهاpaha
foot [Sg]پاpa
feet [Pl]پاهاpaha
tooth [Sg]دندانdandan
teeth [Pl]دندان هاdandan ha

Health & Illnesses

EnglishPersian (Farsi)Persian (Farsi)
ill / sickمریض
ache [Sg]دردdard
aches [Pl]دردهاdard ha
My [...] aches. / My [...] hurts.من درد میکند […][…] man dard mikonad
My [...] ache. / My [...] hurt.من درد میکنند […][…] man dard mikonand
I have a stomach ache.دل درد دارمdel dard daram
My legs hurt.پای من درد می کندpaye man dard mikonad
medical office / doctor’s surgeryدرمانگاه
جراحی دکتر
jarahiye doktor
chemist’s / drugstoreداروساز هاdarusaz ha
illness / maladyبیماری

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