Now you know how to talk about date and time in Persian (Farsi), let’s continue with some more special occasions, holidays and how to wish people well in Persian (Farsi).

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Persian (Farsi)“.

Holidays & Good wishes in Persian (Farsi)

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Good wishes

EnglishPersian (Farsi)Persian (Farsi)
All the best!بهترین هاbehtarin ha
Good luck!موفق باشیدmovafagh bashid
Happy birthday!تولدت مبارکtavalodet mobarak
Merry Christmas!کریسمس مبارکkerismas mobarak
Happy Easter!عید پاک مبارکeyde pak mobarak
Happy New Year!سال نو مبارکsale no mobarak
with all my heart / wholeheartedبا تمام وجودba tamame vojud

Holidays & festive occasions

EnglishPersian (Farsi)Persian (Farsi)
Christmas Eveشب کریسمسshab e kerismas
Easterعید پاکeyde pak
Easter holidaysتعطیلات عید پاکtatilate eyde pak
Pentecost / Whitsunعید پنجاههeyde panjahe
New Year’s Eveشب سال نوshabe sale no
New Yearسال نوsale no
name dayروز نامruze nam
Valentine’s Dayروز ولنتاینruze valentayn


EnglishPersian (Farsi)Persian (Farsi)
(to) inviteدعوت کردنdavat kardan
(to) wishآرزو کردنarezu kardan
(to) make a giftهدیه دادنhedye dadan
(to) getگرفتنgereftan

Vocabulary & Phrases

EnglishPersian (Farsi)Persian (Farsi)
birthday partyجشن تولدjashne tavalod
invitation [Sg]دعوتdavat
invitations [Pl]دعوت هاdavat ha
I invite you to the party!من تو را به مهمانی دعوت میکنمman to ra be mehmani davat mikonam
wish [Sg]آرزوarezu
wishes [Pl]آرزوهاarezuha
What would you like? / What do you want?چی دوست داری؟chi dust dari?
surprise [Sg]غافلگیریghafelgiri
surprises [Pl]غافلگیری هاghafelgiri ha
present / gift [Sg]کادو
presents / gifts [Pl]کادوها
هدیه ها

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