Talking about your friends and relatives is much more fun than just talking about yourself. So, let’s learn some useful words & phrases that will help you talk to others about the people you love most.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Estonian“.

Family & Friends in Estonian

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Family & Relatives

family [Sg]pere
families [Pl]pered
father [Sg]isa
fathers [Pl]isad
dad [Sg]issi
dads [Pl]issid
daddy [Sg]issi
daddies [Pl]issid
mother [Sg]ema
mothers [Pl]emad
mom [Sg]emme
moms [Pl]emmed
mommy [Sg]emme
mommies [Pl]emmed
siblings / brothers and sistersõed-vennad
child [Sg]laps
children [Pl]lapsed
son [Sg]poeg
sons [Pl]pojad
daughter [Sg]tütar
daughters [Pl]tütred
grandfather [Sg]vanaisa
grandfathers [Pl]vanaisad
grandpa [Sg]vanaisa
grandpas [Pl]vanaisad
grandmother [Sg]vanaema
grandmothers [Pl]vanaemad
grandma [Sg]vanaema
grandmas [Pl]vanaemad
grandchild [Sg]lapselaps
grandchildren [Pl]lapselapsed
uncle [Sg]onu
uncles [Pl]onud
aunt [Sg]tädi
aunts [Pl]tädid
cousin [Sg]nõbu
cousins [Pl]nõod

Love & Friendship

(to) lovearmastama
I love youMa armastan sind
I love you very muchMa armastan sind väga
Do you want to marry me?Kas sa abielluksid minuga?
husband [Sg]abikaasa
husbands [Pl]abikaasad
wife [Sg]abikaasa
wives [Pl]abikaasad
marriedabielumees (m), abielunaine (f)
marriedabielumees (m), abielunaine (f)

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