We’ll now learn talking about parts of the human body as well as some useful Ukrainian words and phrases related to Health and Illnesses. Let’s hope you’ll never need them, but better be prepared than sorry as they say…

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Body & Health in Ukrainian

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The Body

body [Sg]тілоtilotilo
bodies [Pl]тілаtilatila
head [Sg]головаholovaholova
heads [Pl]головиholovyholovy
face [Sg]лицеlytselytse
faces [Pl]лицяlytsialytsia
eye [Sg]окоokooko
eyes [Pl]очіochiochi
ear [Sg]вухоvukhovukho
ears [Pl]вухаvukhavukha
nose [Sg]нісnisnis
noses [Pl]носіnosinosi
mouth [Sg]ротrotrot
mouths [Pl]ротиrotyroty
tongue [Sg]язикyazykyazyk
tongues [Pl]язикиyazykyyazyky
neck [Sg]шійshiyshiy
necks [Pl]шеяsheyasheya
chest [Sg]грудьhrud’hrud’
chests [Pl]грудіhrudihrudi
back / shoulder [Sg]плеч

backs / shoulders [Pl]плечіplechiplechi
stomach [Sg]желудокzheludokzheludok
stomachs [Pl]желудкиzheludkyzheludky
heart [Sg]серцеsertsesertse
hearts [Pl]серцяsertsiasertsia
arm [Sg]рукаrukaruka
arms [Pl]рукиrukyruky
elbow [Sg]локітьlokit’lokit’
elbows [Pl]локотіlokotilokoti
hand [Sg]рукаrukaruka
hands [Pl]рукиrukyruky
right handправа рукаprava rukaprava ruka
left handліва рукаliva rukaliva ruka
finger [Sg]палецьpalets’palets’
fingers [Pl]пальціpal’tsipal’tsI
leg [Sg]ногаnohanoha
legs [Pl]ногиnohynohy
foot [Sg]ногаnohanoha
feet [Pl]ногиnohynohy
tooth [Sg]зубzubzub
teeth [Pl]зубиzubyzuby

Health & Illnesses

healthyздоров, здороваzdorov (m), zdorova (f)zdorov, zdorova
ill / sickхворий, хвораkhvoryy (m), khvora (f)khvoryy, khvora
ache [Sg]Більbil’bil’
aches [Pl]боліboliboli
My [...] aches. / My [...] hurts.У мене боліть […].U mene bolit’ […].U mene bolit’ […].
My [...] ache. / My [...] hurt.У мене болять […].U mene boliat’ […].U mene boliat’ […].
I have a stomach ache.У мене боліть живіт.U mene bolit' zhyvit.U mene bolit' zhyvit.
My legs hurt.У мене ноги болять.U mene nohy boliat’.U mene nohy boliat’.
medical office / doctor’s surgeryлікарняний кабінетlikarnianyy kabinetlikarnianyy kabinet
chemist’s / drugstoreаптекаaptekaapteka
illness / maladyхворобаkhvorobakhvoroba

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medical office / doctor’s surgery
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