Top 10 free Videos & Playlists for learning Czech

>>>Top 10 free Videos & Playlists for learning Czech
Top 10 free Videos & Playlists for learning Czech2019-01-18T08:03:57+01:00

Learn Czech by watching our Top 10 recommended videos from around the web for learning the Czech language.

This lesson is part of the chapter ” Learning Czech“.

Language learning videos

1. Czech in three minutes

An essential, six part introduction to Czech. Great way to check the water!

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3. How I Learned to Trill (rolled R)

Rachel will help you tackle the most fearsome sound in Czech, the rolled R!

4. Lesson of Czech language – Basic Phrases

A short video introducing the most basic phrases and expressions of the language. Great way to test the water!

6. Czech language: Basics

A short video with some essential phrases, nothing fancy.

7. Learn Czech Online

A professional take on language learning. This comprehensive podcast will teach you quite a lot about Czech!


8. Thousands of Idioms

A great video featuring the most important phrases and idioms. Must see!

9. Czech Class – ABC lesson

A short introduction to the Czech ABC. Nothing fancy, yet very essential! Great for young ones too.

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10. Learn Czech Easier Way

A rather longish video, in which a lad called Brian will tell you about the dos and don’ts of Czech language learning.

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