Learn Czech by watching our recommended videos from around the web. They will help you get up to speed with the Czech language in a quick and fun way!

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Czech“.

Language learning videos

1. Czech in three minutes

An essential, six part introduction to Czech and a great way to get started learning Czech words, phrases and numbers. These short and sweet videos are a great way for beginners to get started quickly.

Created by Czechclass101.com


3. How I Learned to Trill (rolled R)

Rachel will help you tackle the most fearsome sound in Czech, the rolled R!

4. Lesson of Czech language – Basic Phrases

A short video introducing the most basic phrases and expressions of the language. Great way to test the water!

5. Czech language: Basics

A short video with some essential phrases, nothing too fancy but helpful nonetheless.

6. Learn Czech Online

A professional take on language learning. This comprehensive podcast will teach you quite a lot about Czech!


7. Thousands of Idioms

A great video featuring the most important Czech phrases and idioms. Must see!

8. Learn Czech Easier Way

In this video, Brian will tell you about the dos and donts of Czech language learning, and share some really helpful advice on the Czech alphabet as well as other useful tips for beginners.

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