We’ll now learn talking about parts of the human body as well as some useful Czech words and phrases related to Health and Illnesses. Let’s hope you’ll never need them, but better be prepared than sorry as they say…

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Body & Health in Czech

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The Body

body [Sg]tělo
bodies [Pl]těla
head [Sg]hlava
heads [Pl]hlavy
face [Sg]obličej
faces [Pl]obličeje
eye [Sg]oko
eyes [Pl]oči
ear [Sg]ucho
ears [Pl]uši
nose [Sg]nos
noses [Pl]nosy
mouth [Sg]pusa
mouths [Pl]pusy
tongue [Sg]jazyk
tongues [Pl]jazyky
neck [Sg]krk
necks [Pl]krky
back / shoulderzáda

stomach [Sg]břicho
stomachs [Pl]břicha
arm [Sg]ruka
arms [Pl]ruce
elbow [Sg]loket
elbows [Pl]lokty
hand [Sg]ruka
hands [Pl]ruce
right handpravá ruka
left handlevá ruka
finger [Sg]prst
fingers [Pl]prsty
leg [Sg]noha
legs [Pl]nohy
foot [Sg]chodidlo
feet [Pl]chodidla
tooth [Sg]zub
teeth [Pl]zuby

Health & Illnesses

ill / sicknemocný
ache [Sg]bolest
aches [Pl]bolesti
My [...] aches. / My [...] hurts.Mé bolesti […].
My [...] ache. / My [...] hurt.Má bolest […].
I have a stomach ache.Bolí mě břicho.
My legs hurt.Bolí mě nohy.
medical office / doctor’s surgeryordinace
lékařská chirurgie

chemist’s / drugstorelékarna
illness / maladynemoc

Vocabulary trainer: Body & Health in Czech

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Vocabulary trainer: Body & Health in Czech

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