We’ll now learn talking about parts of the human body as well as some useful Italian words and phrases related to Health and Illnesses. Let’s hope you’ll never need them, but better be prepared than sorry as they say…

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Body & Health in Italian

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The Body

body [Sg]corpo
bodies [Pl]corpi
head [Sg]testa
heads [Pl]teste
face [Sg]faccia

faces [Pl]facce

eye [Sg]occhio
eyes [Pl]occhi
ear [Sg]orecchio
ears [Pl]orecchie
nose [Sg]naso
noses [Pl]nasi
mouth [Sg]bocca
mouths [Pl]bocche
tongue [Sg]lingua
tongues [Pl]lingue
neck [Sg]collo
necks [Pl]colli
chest [Sg]torace

chests [Pl]toraci

back / shoulderschiena

stomach [Sg]stomaco
stomachs [Pl]stomaci
heart [Sg]cuore
hearts [Pl]cuori
arm [Sg]braccio
arms [Pl]braccia
elbow [Sg]gomito
elbows [Pl]gomiti
hand [Sg]mano
hands [Pl]mani
right handmano destra
left handmano sinistra
finger [Sg]dito
fingers [Pl]dita
leg [Sg]gamba
legs [Pl]gambe
foot [Sg]piede
feet [Pl]piedi
tooth [Sg]dente
teeth [Pl]denti

Health & Illnesses

ill / sickmalato
ache [Sg]dolore
aches [Pl]dolori
My [...] aches. / My [...] hurts.Mi fa male […].
My [...] ache. / My [...] hurt.Mi fanno male […].
I have a stomach ache.Ho mal di stomaco.
My legs hurt.Mi fa male la gamba.
medical office / doctor’s surgerystudio medico
chemist’s / drugstorefarmacia
illness / maladymalattia

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