Welcome to our introductory course to Georgian grammar. These lessons will teach you all the basic concepts you need to know in an effective and fun way, including hundreds of audio recordings and lots of downloadable PDF files.

Learn about Georgian grammar

So you’ve decided to study Georgian. This is an awesome choice, as Georgian is a fascinating language which comes with one of the greatest and most ancient cultures in the world. This four-part series will cover some of the basic grammar of this amazing and beautiful language.

Lesson Topics
Georgian Grammar, Part 1 Noun Declension, Case Declension, Basic Conjugation of Verbs, Personal pronouns
Georgian Grammar, Part 2 Noun Suffixes, Conjugation of verbs, Verbal Prefixes and Personal Prefixes, The Motion Verbs Future Tense, The Conditional Tense, Medial Verbs
Georgian Grammar, Part 3 Introduction to the Aorist Tense, The Ergative Case, The Aorist Tense in Depth, The Imperative Tense
Georgian Grammar, Part 4 The Pluperfect Tense, Case Endings and Noun Modification with the Pluperfect Tense, Masdars

Before you start, we highly recommend you to read our introduction to the Georgian alphabet and its pronunciation, as well as our post about the Georgian language and culture. They will teach you some useful basics to prepare you for your next steps towards speaking and understanding the Georgian language.

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