Learn any language by watching our 25 must-see language learning videos from around the web.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning languages“.

Language learning videos

2. How To Learn Anything (And Remember It)

A HOW TO video, helping to broaden your horizon on language learning and learning in general.

3. How to learn any language in six months

This is a great TED talk describing how can one learn a language in just six months! Must see!

Created by TED

4. How to learn a foreign language: methods and principles

This is a general speech, an introduction to language learning, listing the pros and cons of several methods.

5. How to Improve Your Pronunciation In a Foreign Language

A general how to video, aiming to help you out with pronounciation.

6. 5 techniques to speak any language

Another great TED talk, this time the topic is language learning techniques.

Created by TED

7. Tips and Tricks for Learning New Languages

This lovely lady gives five easy tips to live by when it comes to language learning!

8. IPA for Language Learning – Vowels

A highly theoretical approach to language learning. Still, contains tons of useful info!

Created by nativlang.com


9. Language learning: Bridge to a better world

A TED talk designed to give motivation to language learning. Can picking up a language help create a better world?

Created by TED

10. Bilingualism, Brain, and Behaviour: What’s the Connection

A lecture on how bilingualism affects your brain. Great for motivation!

Created by York University

11. Learning Language Through Motion

An unusal take on language learning, this TED talk gives you some food for thought!

Created by TED

12. Introducing new vocabulary to young learners

A video showing how can vocabulary learning made fun for kids!

Created by Oxford University Press

13. American Polyglot Practicing 20 Languages

This is purely for motivation. Here’s a lad speaking 20 languages!

14. Explicit Vocabulary Teaching Strategies

Tips on how to increase one’s vocabulary. Worth checking out!

15. What Stuttering Taught Me About Running a Business

A TED talk on stuttering, something that many language learners fear! Must watch!

17. Secrets of the World’s Best Language Learners

Supposedly, the world’s best language learners all share the same secret. Find out what!

Created by davidmansaray.com

18. Accelerate Language Learning Speed with 2 GREAT Techniques

Interested in getting language learning results faster? Check out this video!

19. Travel and language learning

Is travel a motivator for language learning? Steve Kaufmann will give you his thoughts!

20. Language learning burnout

Can one burn out while learning a new language? Steve Kaufmann investigates!

21. Do we need the language classroom?

Is it really necessary to learn a language in a classroom or can it be done out in the field?

22. Learning four languages at the same time

Some claim to learn several languages at the same time. But is it really possible?

23. Can we learn 100 words a day?

Can we learn a 100 words a day? Steve Kaufmann will give you an answer!

24. Language Learning is a Subconscious Process

This video will teach you about the subconscious learning process – interesting!

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