Talking about your friends and relatives is much more fun than just talking about yourself. So, let’s learn some useful words & phrases that will help you talk to others about the people you love most.

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Family & Friends in Serbian

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Family & Relatives

family [Sg]породицаporodica
families [Pl]породицеporodice
father [Sg]отацotac
fathers [Pl]очевиočevi
dad [Sg]татаtata
dads [Pl]татеtate
daddy [Sg]татицаtatica
daddies [Pl]татицеtatice
mother [Sg]мајкаmajka
mothers [Pl]мајкеmajke
mom [Sg]мамаmama
moms [Pl]мамеmame
mommy [Sg]мамицаmamica
mommies [Pl]мамицеmamice
siblings / brothers and sistersбраћа и сестреbraća i sestre
child [Sg]детеdete
children [Pl]децаdeca
son [Sg]синsin
sons [Pl]синовиsinovi
daughter [Sg]кћеркаkćerka
daughters [Pl]кћеркеkćerke
grandparentsђед и бабаdjed i baba
grandfather [Sg]ђедdjed
grandfathers [Pl]ђедовиdjedovi
grandpa [Sg]декаdeka
grandpas [Pl]декеdeke
grandmother [Sg]бабаbaba
grandmothers [Pl]бабebabe
grandma [Sg]бабицаbabica
grandmas [Pl]бабицebabice
grandchild [Sg]унучеunuk
grandchildren [Pl]унучадunuci
uncle [Sg]ујакujak
uncles [Pl]ујациujaci
aunt [Sg]ујнаujna
aunts [Pl]ујнeujne
cousin [Sg]рођакrođak
cousins [Pl]рођаци rođaci

Love & Friendship

(to) loveволетиvoleti
I love youволим те volim te
I love you very muchволим те пуноvolim te puno
boyfriend [Sg]дечкоdečko
boyfriends [Pl]дечкиdečki
girlfriend [Sg]девојкаdevojka
girlfriends [Pl]девојкedevojke
Do you want to marry me?Желиш ли се удати за мене? Želiš li se udati za mene ?
husband [Sg]мужmuž
husbands [Pl]мужевиmuževi
wife [Sg]женаžena
wives [Pl]женеžene

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