This lesson will teach you to describe the colors and appearance of people and things in Cambodian (Khmer). Learn to express whether something is big or small, red or green, beautiful of ugly.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Cambodian (Khmer)“.

Basic Words & Phrases: Colors


EnglishKhmer (Cambodian)Khmer (Cambodian)
light / clearច្បាស់chbas
coloredcoloredត្រូវបានលាបព៌ណtrauv ban leab por
whitewhiteពណ៌សរpor sor
blackblackពណ៌ខ្មៅpor khmaw
yellowyellowពណ៌លឿងpor leong
orangeorangeពណ៌ទឹកក្រូចpor tuk krauch
redredពណ៌ក្រហមpor krahom
pinkpinkពណ៌ផ្កាឈូកpor phkachhouk
violetvioletពណ៌ស្វាយpor svay
blueblueពណ៌ខៀវppr khiev
greengreenពណ៌បៃតងpor baitorng
brownbrownពណ៌ត្នោតpor tnaot
greygreyពណ៌ប្រផេះpor bra pheh

Appearance & attributes

EnglishKhmer (Cambodian)Khmer (Cambodian)
large / bigធំthom
kind / pleasantចិត្តល្អchet laor
unkind / unpleasantចិត្តអាក្រក់chet akrak
patientអតធ្មត់ / អ្នកជំងឺat thmot
nak chom ngeu

tall (When talking about people)ខ្ពស់khpos
middle sized (When talking about people)ខ្ពស់ល្មមkhpos lmom
small (When talking about people)ទាបteab
thin / slimស្គមskorm
nice / prettyស្អាតsa at
beautifulស្អាតsa at
uglyអាក្រក់a krak
ill / sickឈឺchheu
healthyមានសុខភាពល្អmean sokhpheap laor
happy / cheerfulរីករាយrikreay
sadកើតទុក្ខkaet toukkh
sportyចូលចិត្តកីឡាchaulchett keila
ambitionedមានមហិច្ឆតាmean mhechchhtea
creativeពោរពេញដោយគំនិតឆ្នៃប្រឌិតporpenh daoy koumnit chhnai bradit
activeសកម្មsak kamm
sentimentalមានមនោសញ្ចេទនាmean mno sanhchet tnaa
rationalប្រកបដោយវិចារណញ្ញាណpra kab daoy vicha rona nhnhean
emotionalឆាប់ទទួលអារម្មណ៌chhab tortuol aromm
romanticមានអារម្មណ៌អណ្តែតអណ្តូងmean aromm an det an dong
nice / amiableល្អlaor
spontaneousរហ័សភ្លាមៗrohas phleam
energeticពោរពេញដោយថាមពលporpenh daoy thamopl
stressed (out)ខ្វាយខ្វល់khvay khval
relaxedគ្មានអារម្មណ៌តានតឹងkmean aromm tantoeng
frustratedភយ័ព្រួយpheuy pruoy
talentedមានទេព្យកោសលmean tep kaosal

Questions & phrases

EnglishKhmer (Cambodian)Khmer (Cambodian)
What does he look like?តើគាត់មានមុខមាត់ដូចម្តេច?tae kat mean moukh mat dauch mdech?
What does she look like?តើនាងមានមុខមាត់ដូចម្តេច?tae neang mean moukh mat dauch mdech?
What is he like?តើគាត់ដូចអ្វី?tae keat dauch avei?
What is she like?តើនាងដូចអ្វី?tae neang dauch avei?

Vocabulary trainer: Colors & Appearance in Khmer

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ill / sick
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