Numbers are a great place to begin your journey into the Chinese language. Start by learning the numbers from 1 to 10, then 11 to 20, 21 to 100 and so on. Pay attention to the recurring patterns that will help you form any number above one hundred easily!

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Basic Words & Phrases: Numbers

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Chinese in 3 minutes: Digits from 1 to 10

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Chinese in 3 minutes: Digits from 11 to 100

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Numbers from 0 to 10


Numbers from 11 to 100

11eleven十一shí yī
12twelve十二shí èr
13thirteen十三shí sān
14fourteen十四shí sì
15fifteen十五shí wǔ
16sixteen十六shí liù
17seventeen十七shí qī
18eighteen十八shí bā
19nineteen二十èr shí
20twenty二十èr shí
21twenty-one二十一èr shí yī
30thirty三十sān shí
40fourty四十sì shí
50fifty五十wǔ shí
60sixty六十liù shí
70seventy七十qī shí
80eighty八十bā shí
90ninety九十jiǔ shí
100one hundred一百yī bǎi

Numbers from 101 to 1,000,000

101one hundred and one一百零一yī bǎi líng yī
200two hundred两百liǎng bǎi
300three hundred三百sān bǎi
400four hundred四百sì bǎi
500five hundred五百wǔ bǎi
600six hundred六百liù bǎi
700seven hundred七百qī bǎi
800eight hundred八百bā bǎi
900nine hundred九百jiǔ bǎi
1000one thousand一千yī qiān
2000two thousand两千liǎng qiān
3000three thousand三千sān qiān
5000five thousand五千wǔ qiān
100000one hundred thousand十万shí wàn
1000000one million百万bǎi wàn

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Special Most Lucky and Unlucky Numbers for Chinese People

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