This vocabulary lesson will teach you the Spanish words for buildings, monuments, streets and vehicles, as well as talking about different modes of public transportation.

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Cities & Traffic in Spanish

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Shops, Buildings and Institutions

shop [Sg]tienda
shops [Pl]tiendas
department storetienda departamental
kiosk [Sg]kiosko
kiosks [Pl]kioskos
bakery [Sg]panadería
bakeries [Pl]panaderías
confectionery [Sg]confitería
confectioneries [Pl]confiterías
butcher’s [Sg]carnicería
butchers [Pl]carnicerías
market [Sg]mercado
markets [Pl]mercados
library [Sg]biblioteca
libraries [Pl]bibliotecas
church [Sg]iglesia
churches [Pl]iglesias
cinema [Sg]cine
cinemas [Pl]cines
theater [Sg]teatro
theaters [Pl]teatros
hotel [Sg]hotel
hotels [Pl]hoteles
bank [Sg]banco
banks [Pl]bancos
school [Sg]escuela
schools [Pl]escuelas
university [Sg]universidad
universities [Pl]universidades
kindergartenjardin de infantes
chemist’s / drugstore [Sg]farmacia
chemists / drugstores [Pl]farmacias
hospital [Sg]hospital
hospitals [Pl]hospitales

Cities and Places

town / city [Sg]ciudad

towns / cities [Pl]ciudades

house [Sg]casa
houses [Pl]casas
building [Sg]edificio
buildings [Pl]edificios
street / road [Sg]calle
streets / roads [Pl]calles
avenue [Sg]avenida
avenues [Pl]avenidas
bridge [Sg]puente
bridges [Pl]puentes
center/city centercentro
crossing [Sg]esquina
crossings [Pl]esquinas
square [Sg]plaza
squares [Pl]plazas
park [Sg]parque
parks [Pl]parques
landmark / sightpunto de referencia
monument [Sg]monumento
monuments [Pl]monumentos

Traffic, Vehicles and Transportation

vehicle [Sg]vehículo
vehicles [Pl]vehículos
car [Sg]carro
cars [Pl]carros
train [Sg]tren
trains [Pl]trenes
bus [Sg]autobus
busses [Pl]autobuses
bicycle [Sg]bicicleta
bicycles [Pl]bicicletas
motorbike [Sg]motocicleta
motorbikes [Pl]motocicletas
airplane [Sg]avión
airplanes [Pl]aviones
(train) stationestación de trenes
main stationestación central
station / stopestación
parking areaestacionamiento
petrol stationestación de petróleo
(to) go by carir en carro
(to) go by motorbikeir en moto
(to) go by bikeir en bicicleta
(to) go by busir en autobus
(to) go by metroir en metro

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