Our final vocabulary lesson is all about travelling and vacations. Learn these Portuguese words and you’ll be well prepared on your next journey abroad.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Portuguese“.

Travelling & Leisure time in Portuguese

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Travelling & Leisure time

(to) travelviajar
journey / trip [Sg]viagem
journeys / trips [Pl]viagens
Bon voyage! / Have a good trip!Boa viagem!
holiday [Sg]feriado
holidays [Pl]feriados
suitcase [Sg]mala
suitcases [Pl]malas
(to) pack bagsfazer as malas
rucksack [Sg]mochila
rucksacks [Pl]mochilas
guide bookguia turístico
passport [Sg]passaporte
passports [Pl]passaportes
border [Sg]borda
borders [Pl]bordas
hotel [Sg]hotel
hotels [Pl]hotéis
(to) reserve / (to) bookreservar
reservation [Sg]reserva
reservations [Pl]reservas
tourist [Sg]turista
tourists [Pl]turistas
tourist informationinformação turística
map / plan [Sg]mapa

maps / plan [Pl]mapa

city map / town mapmapa da cidade
trip / excursion [Sg]excursão
trips / excursions [Pl]excursões
tent [Sg]tenda
tents [Pl]tendas
camping sitelocal de acampamento
(to) tent / (to) campacampar
(to) bathe / (to) go swimmingdar um mergulho
beach [Sg]praia
beaches [Pl]praias
(to) fly (e.g. by plane)voar
port / harbourembarcar

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