This lesson will teach you to describe the colors and appearance of people and things in Latvian. Learn to express whether something is big or small, red or green, beautiful of ugly.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Latvian“.

Basic Words & Phrases: Colors


light / cleargaišs (m), gaiša (f)
darktumšs (m), tumša (f)
coloredcoloredkrāsains (m), krāsaina (f)
whitewhitebalts (m), balta (f)
blackblackmelns (m), melna (f)
yellowyellowdzeltens (m), dzeltena (f)
orangeorangeoranžs (m), oranža (f)
redredsarkans (m), sarkana (f)
violetvioletviolets (m), violeta (f)
bluebluezils (m), zila (f)
greengreenzaļš (m), zaļa (f)
brownbrownbrūns (m), brūna (f)
greygreypelēks (m), pelēka (f)

Appearance & attributes

newjauns (m), jauna (f)
oldvecs (m), veca (f)
smallmazs (m), maza (f)
large / bigliels (m), liela (f)
youngjauns (m), jauna (f)
kind / pleasantlaipns (m), laipna (f)
patīkams (m), patīkama (f)

unkind / unpleasantnelaipns (m), nelaipna (f)
nepatīkams (m), nepatīkama (f)

patientpacietīgs (m), pacietīga (f)
tall (When talking about people)garšs (m), gara (f)
middle sized (When talking about people)vidēja izmēra
small (When talking about people)mazs (m), maza (f)
fatresns (m), resna (f)
thin / slimtievs (m), tieva (f)
nice / prettyjauks (m), jauka (f)
skaists (m), skaista (f)

beautifulskaists (m), skaista (f)
uglynesmuks (m), nesmuka (f)
ill / sickslims (m), slima (f)
healthyvesels (m), vesela (f)
happy / cheerfullaimīgs (m), laimīga (f)
priecīgs (m), priecīga (f)

sadbēdīgs (m), bēdīga (f)
skumjš (m), skumja (f)

sportysportisks (m), sportiska (f)
ambitionedgodkārīgs (m), godkārīga (f)
intelligentgudrs (m), gudra (f)
prātīgs (m), prātīga (f)

creativeradošs (m), radoša (f)
activeaktīvs (m), aktīva (f)
darbīgs (m), darbīga (f)

sentimentalsentimentāls (m), sentimentāla (f)
rationalracionāls (m), racionāla (f)
saprātīgs (m), saprātīga (f)

emotionalemocionāls (m), emocionāla (f)
naturaldabisks (m), dabiska (f)
romanticromantisks (m), romantiska (f)
nice / amiablepatīkams (m), patīkama (f)
draudzīgs (m), draudzīga (f)

spontaneousspontāns (m), spontāna (f)
energeticenerģisks (m), enerģiska (f)
stressed (out)saspringts (m), saspringta (f)
relaxedatslābinājies (m), atslābinājusies (f)
frustratedneapmierināts (m), neapmierināta (f)
talentedtalantīgs (m), talantīga (f)
apdāvināts (m), apdāvināta (f)

Questions & phrases

What does he look like?Kā viņš izskatās?
What does she look like?Kā viņa izskatās?
What is he like?Kāds viņš ir?
What is she like?Kāda viņa ir?

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