Before we take a deep dive into Greek conversations, let’s get some basics down. This lesson will teach you how to say hello, goodbye, see you tomorrow and other useful phrases in Greek.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Greek“.

Basic Words & Phrases: Saying Hello and Goodbye

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Hello!Γειά σου!Yiá su!
Good morning! / Good Day!Καλημέρα!
Καλή μέρα!
Kalí méra!

Good evening!Καλό απόγευμα!Kaló apóyevma!
Good night!Καληνύχτα!Kaliníkhta!
Welcome! (informal)Καλώς ήρθες!Kalós írthes!
Welcome! (formal)Καλώς ορίσες!Kalós oríses!
Welcome back!Καλώς όρισες πίσω!Kalós órises píso!


Goodbye!Αντίο σας!Antío sas!
Sleep well!Καλόν ύπνο!Kalón ípno!
So long!Γεια χαρά!Yia khará!
See you tomorrow!Τα λέμε αύριο!Ta léme ávrio!
Get out of here!Φύγε από εδώ!Fíye apó edó!

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