Learn Turkish by watching our Top 10 recommended videos from around the web for learning the Turkish language.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Turkish“.

Language learning videos

1. How to say hello in Turkish


If you only have a minute to pick up a few Turkish phrases, this is the video to watch!

2. The Turkish Alphabet

A short intro to the Turkish alphabet. Nothing fancy, yet quite essential.

3. Basic Turkish Words


Want to pick up a few Turkish expressions? Check out this short video!

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4. Turkey, Kurds, Language: Nicholas Glastonbury at TEDxGallatin


A great TED video on Turkish and Kurdish languages and local issues, questions. Must see to get some cultural perspective!

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5. The Best of Turkish – Easy Tour

A few essential phrases presented by a lovely Turkish woman!

8. Turkish Holidays


Getting a grip on Turkish holidays is a must to better understand the culture and the language.

Created by Turkishclass101.com


9. Learn Turkish With Video


Learning Turkish with informative videos is a great way to master the basics of the language.

Created by Turkishclass101.com


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