Verbs describe movement or action. You’ll need them whenever you want to talk about what you, somebody or something else does, did or wants to do. Essential stuff. Memorize the verbs below and you’ll be well equipped for most basic Thai conversations.

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Basic Words & Phrases: Verbs

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Important verbs

(to) beเป็น, อยู่, คือBpen, Yòo, Keu
(to) haveมีMee
(to) do / (to) makeทำ

can / (to) know how toสามารถSăa-Mâat
(to) know (how)รู้Róo
(to) know / (to) be acquainted withรู้จัก
Róo Jàk
Kún Koie

(to) understandเข้าใจKâo Jai
(to) speak / (to) talkพูด

(to) listen toฟังFang
(to) hearได้ยินDâai Yin
(to) seeเห็นHĕn
(to) feelรู้สึกRóo Sèuk
(to) liveอาศัยAa-Săi
(to) wantต้องการDtông Gaan
(to) needต้องการDtông Gaan
(to) likeชอบChôp
(to) loveรักRák
(to) giveให้Hâi
(to) takeนำมาNam Maa
(to) playเล่นLên
(to) laughหัวเราะHŭa Rór
(to) comeมาMaa
(to) goไปBpai
(to) go (by…)ไป (โดย…)Bpai (doi…)
(to) writeเขียนKĭan
(to) readอ่านÀan
(to) countนับNáp
(to) pronounceออกเสียงÒk Sĭang
(to) spellสะกดSà-Gòt
(to) conjugateผันPăn
(to) rememberจำJam
(to) forgetลืมLeum
(to) eatกินGin
(to) tryลองLong
(to) useใช้Chái
(to) openเปิดBpèrt
(to) closeปิดBpìt
(to) greet / (to) welcomeทักทาย
Ták Taai
Dtôn Ráp

(to) beginเริ่มRêrm
(to) endจบJòp
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