Before we take a deep dive into Slovenian conversations, let’s get some basics down. This lesson will teach you how to say hello, goodbye, see you tomorrow and other useful phrases in Slovenian.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Slovenian“.

Basic Words & Phrases: Saying Hello and Goodbye

Video: Basic Slovenian greetings & phrases

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Hello / ByeZdravo!
Good morning / Good DayDobro jutro!
Good eveningDober večer!
Good nightLahko noč!
Welcome! (informal)Dobrodošel!
Welcome! (formal)Živjo!
Welcome back!Dobrodošel nazaj!


Sleep well!Dobro spi!
So long!Tako dolgo!
See you tomorrow!Se vidimo jutri!
Get out of here!Premagaj ga!
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