Verbs describe movement or action. You’ll need them whenever you want to talk about what you, somebody or something else does, did or wants to do. Essential stuff. Memorize the verbs below and you’ll be well equipped for most basic Farsi conversations.

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Basic Words & Phrases: Verbs

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Important verbs

EnglishPersian (Farsi)Persian (Farsi)
(to) beبودنbudan
(to) haveداشتنdashtan
(to) do / (to) makeکردن / ساختنkardan / sakhtan
can / (to) know how toتوانستنtavanestan
(to) know (how)دانستنdanestan
(to) know / (to) be acquainted withشناختنshenakhtan
(to) understandفهمیدنfahmidan
(to) speak / (to) talkصحبت کردن / حرف زدنsohbat kardan / harf zadan
(to) listen toگوش دادنgush dadan
(to) hearشنیدنshenidan
(to) seeدیدنdidan
(to) feelاحساس کردنehsas kardan
(to) liveزندگی کردنzendegi kardan
(to) wantخواستنkhastan
(to) needنیاز داشتنniaz dashtan
(to) likeدوست داشتنdust dashtan
(to) loveعشق ورزیدنeshgh varzidan
(to) giveدادنdadan
(to) takeگرفتنgereftan
(to) playبازی کردنbazi kardan
(to) laughخندیدنkhandidan
(to) comeآمدنamadan
(to) goرفتنraftan
(to) go (by…)راندنrandan
(to) writeنوشتنneveshtan
(to) readخواندنkhandan
(to) countشمردنshemordan
(to) pronounceتلفظ کردنtalaffoz kardan
(to) spellهجی کردنheji kardan
(to) conjugateصرف کردنsarf kardan
(to) rememberیاد آوردنyad avardan
(to) forgetفراموش کردنfaramosh kardan
(to) eatخوردنkhordan
(to) tryسعی کردنsaai kardan
(to) useاستفاده کردنestefade kardan
(to) openباز کردنbaz kardan
(to) closeبستنbastan
(to) greet / (to) welcomeخوش امد گفتنkhosh amd goftan
(to) beginشروع کردنshoru kardan
(to) endتمام کردنtamam kardan
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