Learn Korean by watching our Top 10 recommended videos from around the web for learning the Korean language.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Korean“.

Language learning videos

2. How to < SOUND < Korean :D


Intonation is very important in Korean. This video will teach you how to speak properly!

Created by

3. How I Learned Korean and Korean Study Tips!


Check out these general Korean language learning tips, presented in a fun and entertaining manner!

4. 10 Tricks for Learning Korean

Ten useful tips to help you out with your Korean studies. Billy is a fun guy to watch!

5. Learn Korean Pronunciation


A short intro to Korean pronunciaton, covering the most common mistakes.

Created by Koreanclass101.com


7. Weekly Words with Jae!


A weekly word list with a fun guy named Jae!

Created by Koreanclass101.com


8. Korean Listening Comprehension


Sharpen your Korean by finishing this massive playlist.

Created by Koreanclass101.com


10. Learn Korean – Korean Counters

Pick up a few Korean counter words – they will prove to be useful!

Created by Koreanclass101.com


Extra 2: Oppa – definition


Koreans love to say “oppa”. But do you have any idea what it really means?

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