This lesson will teach you to describe the colors and appearance of people and things in Korean. Learn to express whether something is big or small, red or green, beautiful of ugly.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Korean“.

Basic Words & Phrases: Colors


light / clear밝은Balgeun
dark어두운Uh doo oon
colorcolor색깔Saek ggal
coloredcolored색칠된Saek chil dwen
whitewhite흰 / 하양Hwin / hayang
blackblack검정Gum jeong
yellowyellow노랑No rang
redred빨강Bbal gang
pinkpink분홍Boon hong
violetviolet보라Bo ra
greengreen초록Cho rok
brownbrown갈색Gal saek
greygrey회색Hwe saek

Appearance & attributes

new새로운Sae ro eun
old늙은 / 오래된Neulgeun / Oredwen
small작은Jag eun
large / bigKuen
young어린Uh rin
kind / pleasant친절한Chin jul han
unkind / unpleasant불친절한Bool chin jul han
patient침착한 / 차분한Chimchack han / Chaboon han
tall (when talking about people)키큰Ki keun
middle sized (when talking about people)보통 체격의Botong chegyuck eu
small (when talking about people)작은 체구의Jag eun chae goo eu
fat뚱뚱한Ddeung ddeung han
thin / slim날씬한Nal sshin han
nice / pretty예쁜Yeah bbun
beautiful아름다운A ruem da oon
ugly못생긴Mot saeng gin
ill / sick아프다A peu da
healthy건강한Geon gang han
happy / cheerful행복한Hang bok han
sad슬픈Seul peun
sporty활동적인Hwal dong jug in
ambitioned야망있는Ya mang it nuen
intelligent똑똑한Ddok Ddok han
creative창의적인Chang yi juk in
active활동적인Hwal dong juk in
sentimental감성적인Gam sung jeok in
rational합리적인Hap ri jeok in
emotional감정적인Gam jeong jeok in
natural자연스러운Ja yeon sue ro eun
romantic낭만적인Nang man jeok in
nice / amiable착한Chack han
spontaneous즉흥적인Jeuk heung jug in
energetic활기찬Hwal gi chan
stressed (out)스트레스 받은Stress bad eun
relaxed편안한Pyun an han
frustrated실망하다Shil mang ha da
talented재능많은Jae nueng man eun

Questions & phrases

What does he look like?그는 어떻게 생겼어요?Geu neun uh dduk gae saeng gyut seo yo?
What does she look like?그녀는 어떻게 생겼어요?Geu nyeo neun uh dduk gae saeng gyut seo yo?
What is he like?그는 어때요?Geu neun uh dde yo?
What is she like?그녀는 어때요?Gue nyeo neun uh dde yo?
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