Nouns represent people or things. You’ll need them whenever you want to refer to somebody or something. Memorize the Korean nouns below and you’ll be well equipped for almost every basic conversation.

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Basic Words & Phrases: Nouns

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Important nouns

child 아이A yi
man 남자Nam ja
woman 여자Yeo ja
family 가족Ga jeok
town / city 도시Do shi
country 나라 / 국가Nara / Guk ga
world 세상 / 세계Sae sang / sae gyae
house Jip
car 자동차Ja dong cha
street / road Gil
shop 가게Ga gae
door Moon
table 탁자Tak ja
chair 의자Eui ja
window 창문Chang moon
newspaper 신문Shin moon
book Chaek
pen볼펜Boll pen
bag 가방Ga bang
rucksack 백팩Backpack
happiness 행복Hang bok
love 사랑Sa rang
flower Ggeot
ball Gong
work Il
vacation 휴가Hyoo ga
passport 여권Yuh gwon
language 언어Un uh
question 질문Jil moon
answer 정답Jeong dap
beginning / start 시작Shi jak
end Ggeutt
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