Now let’s learn some basic Japanese conversations. This lesson will teach you how to introduce yourself, as well as simple words and phrases like yes, no, excuse me and I don’t understand. Learn these and you’ll be ready to conduct short conversations in Japanese.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Japanese“.

Basic Japanese words & phrases: conversations


Introducing Yourself in Japanese

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Learn 10 Lines You Need for Introducing Yourself in Japanese

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Basic conversation

please / you’re welcomeどうぞdouzo
you’re very welcomeようこそyoukoso
thank youありがとうarigatou
thank you very muchどうもありがとうございますdoumo-arigatou-gozaimasu
Excuse me!すみません!sumimasen!


I understand.わかりましたwakarimashita
I don’t understandわかりませんwakarimasen
Hello (on the phone) / I beg your pardon?こんにちはkonnichiwa
What does that mean?どういう意味?douiu-imi?
I don’t know.わかりませんwakarimasen
I don’t speak Polish.ポーランド語は話しませんpohrando-go-wa-hanashimasen
I speak a little Polish.少しならポーランド語を話しますsukoshinara-pohrando-go-wo-hanashimasu
Do you speak english? (informal)英語を話しますか?eigo-o-hanashi-masuka?
Do you speak english? (formal)英語を話しますか?eigo-o-hanashi-masuka?
Yes, I do speak english.はい、英語を話しますhai, eigo-wo-hanashimasu
No, I don’t speak english.いいえ、英語は話しませんiie, eigo-ha-hanashimasen

Making acquaintances

Please talk more slowly!もっとゆっくりと話してください!motto-yukkuri-to-hanashite-kudasai!
Nice to meet you!愛想のいいaisou-no-ii
How are you?ごきげんいかが?gokigen-ikaga?
Good, thank youありがとうarigatou
I’m well, thanks!元気です、ありがとう!genki-desu, arigatou!
Not bad, thanks!わるくないね、ありがとう!waruku-naine, arigatou!
very badとても悪いtotemo-warui
What’s your name?お名前は?onamae-wa?
My name is [...].私の名前は[..]ですwatashi-no-namae-wa[ ]desu
What’s your first name?あなたの名前は?anata-no-namae-wa?
My first name is [...]私の苗字は[..]ですwatashi-no-myouji-wa[ ]desu
How old are you?おいくつですか?oikutsu-desuka?
I’m [...] years old.私は[..]歳ですwatashi-wa[ ]sai-desu
What are your hobbies?あなたの趣味は?anata-no-shumi-wa?
What do you like doing?何をするのが好きなの?nanio-surunoga-suki-nano?
What are you doing (at the moment)?なにをしているの(今は)?nanio-shite-iruno(ima-wa)?
Where do you live?どこに住んでいるの?dokoni-sunde-iruno?
I live in [...]私は[..]に住んでいますwatashi-wa[ ]ni-sunde-imasu
I’m from England私はイギリス出身ですwatashi-wa-igisiru-shusshin-desu
I’m English私はイギリス人ですwatashi-wa-igisiru-jin-desu
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