Nouns represent people or things. You’ll need them whenever you want to refer to somebody or something. Memorize the Indonesian nouns below and you’ll be well equipped for almost every basic conversation.

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Basic Words & Phrases: Nouns

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Important nouns

child anak
man pria
woman wanita
family keluarga
town / city kota
country negara
world dunia
house rumah
car mobil
street / road jalanan
shop toko
door pintu
table meja
chair kursi
window jendela
newspaper koran
book buku
bag tas
rucksack ransel
happiness kebahagian
love cinta / kasih
flower bunga
ball bola
work perkerjaan
vacation liburan
passport paspor
language bahasa
question pertanyaan
answer jawaban
beginning / start awal
end akhir / tamat
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