Verbs describe movement or action. You’ll need them whenever you want to talk about what you, somebody or something else does, did or wants to do. Essential stuff. Memorize the verbs below and you’ll be well equipped for most basic Hindi conversations.

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Basic Words & Phrases: Verbs

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Important verbs

(to) beहोनाhona
(to) haveरखनाrakhna
(to) do / (to) makeकरना

can / (to) know how toसकनाSakna
(to) know (how)जानना(केसे)janana (kese)
(to) know / (to) be acquainted withपरिचित होनाparichit hona
(to) understandसमझ नाsamazh na
(to) speak / (to) talkबोलनाbol na
(to) listen toसुननाsun na
(to) hearसुननाsun naa
(to) seeदेखनाdekhna
(to) feelमहसूस करनाmhasus karna
(to) liveजीनाjeena
(to) wantचाहनाchahna
(to) needजरूरत होनाjarurat hona
(to) likeपसंद करनाpasand karna
(to) loveप्यार करनाpyar karna
(to) giveदेनाdena
(to) takeलेनाlena
(to) playखेलनाkhelna
(to) laughहसनाhasna
(to) comeआनाaana
(to) goजानाjana
(to) go (by…)जाने के लिएjane ke liye
(to) writeलिखनाlikhna
(to) readपढ़नाpadhna
(to) countगिननाginna
(to) pronounceबोलनाucharan karna
(to) spellजादू करनाjadu karna
(to) conjugateसंयुग्म करनाsamyugm karna
(to) rememberयाद करनाyaad karna
(to) forgetभूलनाbhulna
(to) eatखानाkhana
(to) tryकोशिश करनाkoshish karna
(to) useकाम मे लेनाkaam me lena
(to) openखोलनाkholna
(to) closeबंद करनाband karna
(to) greet / (to) welcomeबधाई देना
स्वागत करना
badhai dena
swagat karna

(to) beginशुरू करनाshuru karna
(to) endअंत करनाanth karna
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