Now let’s learn some basic Danish conversation. This lesson will teach you how to introduce yourself, as well as simple words and phrases like yes, no, excuse me and I don’t understand. Learn these and you’ll be ready to conduct short conversations in Danish.

This lesson is part of the chapter “Learning Danish“.

Basic Danish words & phrases: conversations

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Basic conversation

please / you’re welcomevelbekomme
you’re very welcomevelbekomme dig
thank youtak
thank you very muchmange tak
Excuse me!Undskyld mig!


I understand.Jeg forstår.
I don’t understandJeg forstår ikke.
Hello (on the phone) / I beg your pardon?Hallo?
What does that mean?Hvad betyder det?
I don’t know.Jeg ved det ikke.
I don’t speak Polish.Jeg taler ikke polsk.
I speak a little Polish.Jeg taler en lille smule polsk.
Do you speak english? (informal)Taler du engelsk?
Do you speak english? (formal)Taler De engelsk?
Yes, I do speak english.Ja, jeg taler engelsk.
No, I don’t speak english.Nej, jeg taler ikke engelsk.

Making acquaintances

Please talk more slowly!Tal venligst langsommere!
Nice to meet you!rar
How are you?Hvordan har du det?
Good, thank youGodt, tak
I’m well, thanks!Jeg har det godt, tak!
Not bad, thanks!Ikke dårligt, tak!
very badmeget dårlig
What’s your name?Hvad hedder du?
My name is [...].Jeg hedder […].
What’s your first name?Hvad hedder du til fornavn?
My first name is [...]Jeg hedder […] til fornavn.
How old are you?Hvor gammel er du?
I’m [...] years old.Jeg er […] år gammel.
What are your hobbies?Hvad er dine hobbyer?
What do you like doing?Hvad kan du lide at lave?
What are you doing (at the moment)?Hvad laver du (lige nu)?
Where do you live?Hvor bor du?
I live in [...]Jeg bor i […].
I’m from EnglandJeg er fra England.
I’m EnglishJeg er englænder.
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